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SEO – Search Engine Optimization Service

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Three simple letters that hide a vast collection of practices and techniques that, if properly applied, will allow your site to improve its page positioning on the major search engines.

SEO evolved a lot in these years and continues to evolve very rapidly. The techniques that gave results 5 years ago do not work anymore today and sometimes they are counterproductive and can lead to penalties.

The search algorithms are continuously modified by Google and Microsoft engineers, so it is important to entrust the SEO of your business to a web company like Crazy Web Studio that heavily invests in research and learning.

Why should I invest in SEO?

The most important reason is that SEO saves you money. Being able to appear in the top search results for a certain keyword will allow you to bring visitors to your website and generated leads (contacts, sells, etc.) for free, in the long-term.

If you want to have a peak of results and visits from day to day you need to invest in advertising campaigns on search engines (SEM) or on social media. But working on SEO in the long run can lead to an excellent return of investment, especially in some business sectors. Attract more traffic to your website increase your conversion rate.

Just to mention one of our Phuket SEO customer success story: we redesigned the website following the latest web technologies and we implemented a digital content and SEO strategy that were able to improve the organic searches of about 230% in just 6 months. This is indeed a great result not always reachable in such a short time. In this case the competition was not so aggressive, but getting an increase between 50% and 100% of visits is really achievable.

SEO Success Story Results
SEO Success Story Chart

Is SEO dead?

At regular intervals this question often appears on specialized sites and more. The answer is that the SEO is not dead but as already described above evolves continuously. Consumer habits change as the devices on which we search every day change.

Once it was simple to place a site in the top page results of Google, just few simple techniques were enough to be able to position before the competition. Today, however, things are more complex and defining a SEO strategy means also to rethink the entire digital strategy of a company. Having a fast website, perfectly compatible with mobile devices, easily indexable, with quality contents, a good reputation on the web and many other factors affect the positioning index on search engines.

How much does SEO cost?

It depends. Really. It is not possible to be serious about SEO by proposing a monthly package without analyzing first the website, the competitors and before listening carefully to the customer objectives (how much you want to improve) and time frame (how fast you want to improve).

The general time/costs/quality project management rule applies also here:

  • Good and Cheap wont be Fast
  • Fast and Good wont be Cheap
  • Cheap and Fast wont be Good (dangerous)

In this case cheap and fast could be also dangerous because using “shortcuts” could lead to future penalties.

We know, it could be frustrating, but the good thing is that you can ask us for a quote completely free of charge.

Why choose Crazy Web Studio as your SEO company?

We don’t have a magic formula for SEO and we don’t guarantee your website will be in the first place of search engine results (be aware of web agencies that do these promises). We don’t use “black hat” SEO techniques that can give good results in short-term but in the long run hurt your SEO and can cause heavy penalization by Google and other search engines.

What we can instead promise looking at the experiences carried out with many of our customers is that we are able to obtain tangible results. We are at the forefront technology because we continuously invest time and money in research and development. We are present on the territory and we know the market. We monitor and we are transparent about the results.

We care about our customers because your success is our success.


Whatever your budget is get in touch with us now to schedule an appointment or request a free quote.