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CRAZY WEB STUDIO – The Phuket Web Design Company

We are a team of skilled people based in Patong, Phuket, ready to build from zero or to improve your presence online and help your business grow. We provide the following services:

  • Web Design and Web Development
  • Graphic Design (logo, brochure, menu, etc.)
  • eCommerce and Real Estate Platforms
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Indexing Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Ads Campaign Optimization
  • Video and Photoshooting Service
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development for Android and iOS
  • Domain registration, Hosting and Email Services
  • Enterprise Software and Business Solutions
  • Consulting Services

The company is registered in Thailand as Crazy Web Studio Co.,Ltd.


We develop responsive and interactive websites, eCommerce portals, real estate solutions, booking and events websites, corporate websites, one-page websites, applying rigorous design processes of IA (Information Architecture).

The activity of Information Architecture consists of a preliminary study of content and interactivity in order to develop the new sites, where all navigation paths are analyzed (starting from the definition of the sitemap and story boarding), in order to optimize it and give more strength to the brand.

The Information Architecture goal is to define the layout if each page following the communication strategies as well as the message that are conveyed through the site (communication flow, engagement strategy, entry points and call to actions), consistently through the use of interactive communication between the client, user experience designers, project managers and visual designers.

The result is a prototype of the site, tested by several types of users and studied in all the aspects.
This becomes the basis for subsequent development by visual designers and programmers.


Example of hotel responsive web design


All our web designs are optimized for viewing on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, from any manufacturer) and are supported by all platforms (iPhone OS, Android, Windows). They are also tested to be browsed by most common browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Internet Explorer and Opera).

Responsive Web Design

We build websites according to the rules of responsive design, ensuring that layouts are automatically adaptable to different resolutions, like desktops, smartphones, tablets, older mobiles or Web TV.


From 2009 to the present, web traffic from mobile devices has more than tripled, surpassing traffic from desktops and laptops in terms of number of visits and time spent by each user in web browsing.
Today the user seeks a 360 relationship with brands, via a multichannel access.


We deliver mobile websites that are user-friendly and cross-platform: iOS and Android (both for smartphones and tablet).
In order to create a unique and dynamic navigational experience, we rigorously combine the necessary elements of user interaction: functional, visual, textual, contextual.

User Experience

By following the processes of mobile design, we consider every factor which may  affect the performance of the mobile site itself, any combination that can improve the navigation flow (backend and frontend), as well as any limitation due to poor network coverage.



Web Design

We create web design following carefully the customer requirements and actively giving advice how to achieve the desired goals with the defined budget


Web & Social Marketing

The web is the most important communication channel thanks to the huge number of people that can reach. We can get the most out for your business.



We help your company to open your e-Commerce virtual shop by offering the solution that best fits your business and your market.



Our graphic designers have solid experience in creating attractive design and layout for magazine, flyers and business brochure.


App Development

Our app developers are able to give life to your ideas on any mobile devices (iOS, Android, Microsft).


Photo Shooting

We provide flexible photographic services of uncompromised quality. If you need a reliable local partner in organising your ambitious photo shoot, you’ve found the right crew!



We provide a Video Crew with a extensive network of professional and experienced camera operators with a variety of High Definition Camera Packages.


Hosting & Domains

Web storage, email management, internet domains are allies for a successful web presence!


We can integrate 360° Virtual Tour of your business into your website thanks to the collaboration with our partenr We360.

We360 allows you to increase your visibility on Google by adding a virtual tour and the “see inside option” to all google places.
No monthly or cost per click, with a ONE -TIME payment, your virtual tour is hosted for life by Google.
We360 take care of your business listing and help you to improve your ranking on local search.
You can easily embed your virtual tour on your social media or website.

Street View is no longer just for the streets! Google is increasing its world famous street view coverage to allow businesses to showcase their interiors. This enhances their Google listing, and influences potential customers decision making, with their very own 360‐degree virtual tour.



Social Contests, Sweepstakes, and Promotions

Social contests, sweepstakes, and promotions are a great way to engage customers, earn Likes, and build a following. Brands that engage in this type of activity can experience growth of over 275% according to some studies. CWS has a dedicated team of professionals who research to find your target audience and build campaigns on GOOGLE AdwordsTwitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, all while leveraging proprietary software to tie it all together.

Paid Social Media Ads

Social media advertising allows your brands to reach a specific of qualified individual with the ability to target advertisements by demographic, location, interests, “Likes”, and tools, then social media is the ultimate hardware store.
Social media ads allow you to harness data like demographics, interests, locations, and more to effectively reach specific audiences, strengthen brand following, and engage prospective customers. Our team can help you leverage paid ads on social media channels to drive targeted traffic to your site and new customers to your business.

Social Media Consulting

Sometimes a brand requires a unique voice that can only be reflected and communicated by someone within your team.
That’s a great situation to be in and you are not alone. CWS works with many brands that just need some strategic guidance to get the most from their social media marketing efforts.
We love crafting social media marketing plans that involve Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more to get customers buzzing and engaging with you brand.


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